The Inkwell is the University of Edinburgh’s creative writing and arts magazine. Published bi-annually, the magazine provides a platform for aspiring young poets, dramatists, novelists and artists. The magazine is FREE and is run and funded by the PublishED committee.

If you have a piece of writing you’d like to submit, we would love to receive it! If your art/writing isn't accepted into the current magazine, please feel free to try again with the next issue, as the theme changes for every publication.

The deadline for the current issue is the 18th of February, so get your creative hats on and get writing!

We accept prose, poetry, drama and art, which should be sent to the appropriate e-mail accounts:

General Enquiries:

Approximate guidelines for lengths:

Poetry: 40 lines
Prose: 1100 words
Drama: 70 lines

Follow 'The Inkwell' link to view previous editions online. The Inkwell can also be found in limited print at Published events.

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